Privacy Policy

The present legal statute of the privacy policy (“Regulations”), intended for Internet users (the “User”) and constituting an additional rule applicable to the Common Rules Regulations,  governs the relations between the User and (the “Website”) property of “Unified Booking System”, LLC (hereinafter “Company”).

Upon the User’s visit to the Website, his or her personal information shall not be requested until the User has decided to place an order on the Website or subscribe to the newsletter. Children (persons under 18) are not allowed to use the Website without the supervision of an adult.

For the purposes of purchasing or selling tickets, it is necessary that the User provides the Website with his/her personal information, such as his/her name, email address, phone number, etc., which are required for subsequent purchase processing (depending on the type of order form selected: one-step order form, step-by-step order form, ticket sales form). If the User chooses to purchase tickets for third parties, the User should ensure in advance that all the other customers have agreed to provide Company with this information.

Registration Process

Should the User decide to become an authorized member of the Website, he/she will be required to provide Company with such information as his/her name, phone number, email address, and password by entering these data into a step-by-step form. This information is collected to identify the User and to process orders. Confirmation letters will be sent to the e-mail address upon orders’ completion.

For convenience’s sake, an online User profile will be created following the registration process based on the data the User entered on the Website.

Company  shall not transfer, sell, or share any of the personal information entered by the User, nor information regarding the User’s purchases via any form, nor information that the User has provided via e-mail or obtained during the User’s phone calls to the public phone numbers of Company to third parties without the User’s prior consent.

Company will not use the e-mail address that the User provides upon registration for the purposes of disseminating news, advertising, or other distribution to the User unless the User provides consent thereto during the order or marks this option on his/her Internet profile or provides it to third parties.

Debit Card Payment Procedure

Company does not request the User’s debit card details (PAN, CVC2/CVV2, Expiration Date) on the pages of the Website. The user will be redirected to the secure payment page of the authorized processing center to enter his/her debit card information.

Data communication is handled via a secure SSL channel in encrypted form by the authorized processing center only. No other parties shall have any access to the User’s personal information. Debit card information is deleted from Company’s payment information after the payment is complete as an additional security guarantee. This process also satisfies the current requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation and international payment systems.

The authorized processing center uses its own security mechanisms, including maintaining 3-D Secure technology (Verified-By-VISA /MasterCard SecureCode). In the event that the user chooses to pay for the order by VISA® or MASTERCARD® with Verified-By-VISA or MasterCard SecureCode technology, the page will prompt the user to enter a secret password before each payment. This password ensures the issuing bank that the payment is settled by the legal debit card owner. After verification of the password and payment information are successfully complete, the operation will be processed.


Cookies are small packets of data stored in the User’s web browser when the User visits a Website. Cookies can only identify a computer, not the User. They retain some general information that is used to recognize the User when he/she visits the Website. Cookies are recognized by the server and cannot install software, spread viruses, or collect personal information.

No personal information that User provides to the Website, such as his/her name, address, etc., is collected or stored in cookies. Consequently, the User’s personal information cannot be disclosed to third parties.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but the User can change his/her web browser options or integrate a special program that will control the User’s cookie settings. The User can disable them or configure the browser to alert him/her every time a new cookie is sent. Company supports the User’s right to block any Internet activity, especially coming from suspicious Websites. However, note that blocking cookies from the Website will render it impossible to operate the User’s order cart.