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Let’s go back 80 years ago, and imagine that Felix Linemann did not come up with the idea of creating a unified Germany football championship …

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The idea of creating a unified championship in Germany was owned by Felix Linnemann. He was a Commissioner of the criminal police by profession and at the same time – a president of the German Football Association (DFB). At the Bundestag Assembly in 1932 Herr Linnemann has expressed a wish to establish a unified Germany’s professional
football league. But it was a wrong time. Nazis came to power. They were set against any form of professional sport. To play for money was completely out of the question.

Despite the NSGWP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) vetoed the idea to organize the Reichliga, the national team coach Sepp Herberger managed to convince the main sports functionary of the country – “Reichsportfuehrer” von Deutschland Herr von Chammer – in the expediency of establishing the Reichliga, There was a small technicality remaining. The final decision of the establishment of the Reichliga had to be taken at the DFB congress but it was also unsuccessful. September 1, 1939, everyone forgot about football for almost 10 years. The first championship was held in 1948. Gradually, the question of the establishment of a unified league began to rise. Only because of Franz Kremer who was a leading advocateur of the idea of a Bundesliga it was put into motion. That time he was the president of the most modern and advanced football club of Germany – “FC Köln”. And finally on July 28, 1962 at the General Assembly of the German Football Association (DFB) in the Gold Hall in Westfalenhalle, Dortmund delegates from the regional football associations decided to inaugurate a national league, to commence in the 1963-64 season.

The Bundesliga Season 2010/11 has brought a lot of pleasant and unpleasant moments to  Bayern Munich fans. The football club failed to win the champions title in Germany. At the beginning of the season team’s performance left much to be desired. This fact greatly spoiled the mood of players, but do not forget that the team is on the 4th place
in the UEFA rankings and 22 times was the champion of the country. “Bayern” players were able to pull themselves together and to take the third place in the standings.

Now Bayern Munich is on the top of the rankings, despite the recent defeat in the game with the Borussia Dortmund, which comes on the heels Yuppa Haynkesa’s team, season 2012/2013 seems to be good for the team.

Considering the successful performances, we can assume that the team could cause a lot of noise, and take back the champions title from “Borussia” (Dortmund). You can buy tickets to “Bayern Munich” games, as well as for other Bundesliga games on our website www.tritickets.ru. To do this, select the preferable match and complete
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