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F1 stars, fast cars and strong teams. It is the simple combination which makes every stage of F1 breathtaking for the spectators. German Grand Prix - is the next big event in the racing world. Since 2007, the race takes place at the Nürburgring and the Hockenheimring. You can buy tickets to the German Grand Prix on our website www.tritickets.ru. Choose the preferable F1 stage and fill out an order form. Our manager will contact you to confirm your purchase. Or send us a request to order@tritickets.ru. All questions you can ask our manager by phone in Moscow +7 (495) 649 13 31.

The first German Grand Prix was held in 1926 on the AVUS track. The race was won by Rudolf Caracciola on Mercedes-Benz. Almost all modern Formula 1 racing tracks are equally safe, but it was not always like that. History of the German Grand Prix began with the track called by pilots “horror track” – the legendary AVUS. It was reconstructed public road. “Nürburgring” was opened soon and it was decided to make AVUS the fastest track in the world. Designers were invited to build on the northern corner profiled banking with the angle 43 degrees. It was soon called “wall of death.” It is not surprising because the pilots simply did not have the right to make a mistake passing this part of the road. This could lead to the very sad outcome, as the cars came to the loop at a very high speed. After series of accidents and incredible high-speed characteristics of the track AVUS was decided to close. No races were held there anymore.

German Grand Prix was the 10th race in F1 season 2011. According the tradition it was full of surprises, which started already with qualifications. Lewis Hamilton was a hair’s breadth of victory, he did not have a hundredth of a second to get around Mark Webber. The race began with a good start of Hamilton, who immediately rushed forward. Alonso broke the third place, beating Vettel, Petrov also won back one position, but Jenson Button from the seventh position rolled back to the tenth. Lewis Hamilton won the race which was the second victory for him in this season. 4th place for ex-leader Sebastian Vettel could be called a failure.

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