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F1 Grand Prix is incredibly difficult and dangerous sport, but it still is a dream of thousands to be like Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button. TRITICKETS invites you to the Canadian Grand Prix. You can buy tickets to the Canadian Grand Prix on our website www.tritickets.ru. Use our on-line booking service or send your request to order@tritickets.ru. If you have questions ask our manager by phones in Moscow +7 (495) 649 13 31. Order tickets to the F1 Grand Prix on our website, and we offer you a full range of services to attend all F1 stages.

Canadian race track knows many tragic stories, but not less triumphs. Often the pilots whom nobody expected to win were at the top and the leaders turned to outsiders. Take a trip to the Canadian Grand Prix and you will get a lot to tell your friends and colleagues. Our managers will take care of all necessary papers for your travel to all F1 stages,
you only need to choose a Grand Prix stage and get ready to go. Contact us by phone in Moscow +7 (495) 649 13 31 and we will answer all your questions about ticket purchasing to the Canadian Grand Prix. You can book all tickets in advance by filling out an order form and we will contact you to confirm your order and fix the terms of payment and
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The first winner of the Canadian stage was Gilles Villeneuve. After his tragic death in qualifying before the race in Zolder, the track was named after his name.

The weather in Montreal always brings a lot of surprises – there is no weekend without a rain. We could see it the last year. An hour prior the start heavy rain has begun and the track remained very wet that had changed the teams’ plans completely. They had to start behind the safety-car. As soon as it left the road racers rushed forward. The track dried
out and the pilots immediately started to overtake. It would seem that the weather showed all its dark side but not at all. Rain flooded with a new vigor so hardly and so unexpectedly, as if someone turned the valve. All the teams’ tactics flew to hell, obviously there can be no tactics when the car just floating. Marshals tried to fix streams of water and did
everything they could to allow teams to continue the race, and after two hours the pilots came back to the track. The fight for first place was deadly serious! Shortly before the finish Jenson Button began rapidly catching up with the race leader Sebastian Vettel. He was waiting Vettel to make a mistake and Sebastian did it on the sixth turn. He touched
the wet section of the track and Button took the lead. Sebastian Vettel tried to do his best but got only the second place. Winning of the Canadian Grand Prix was Button’s first victory in the season and the tenth in his career.

Circuit in Montreal can make many troubles for pilots at any time. In past years, the race track has repeatedly had problems with the coating. Paved crumb hardly dispose the tire of the cars. On the last lap to finish brake discs are erased and everything can happen. For the first time in the season the teams do not have to pay much attention to aerodynamics because it is the only track where the race cars are set on a small downforce. But this does not mean fewer problems; on the contrary teams need to find the best car setup required by the track. You can buy tickets to the Canadian Grand Prix on our website www.tritickets.ru. Fill out an order form and we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your purchase. In case you have questions ask our manager by phone +7 (495) 649 13 31 or send us an email to info@tritickets.ru. We accept all types of banking cards (individuals and legal entities) and cash. We will deliver your tickets to your home or office (specify delivery terms from with our managers).


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