English Premier League Tickets

Football in England – it’s more than just a game. Absolutely all the fans are really committed to their favorite teams. At all international championships there are more English fans than visitors from any other European country. England was the birthplace of such football clubs as “Manchester United”, “Arsenal”, “Chelsea”, “Manchester City”, “Tottenham Hotspur” and many others which names are well known to all over the world.
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The British are in love with their championship. Particular attention is given to the games between the leaders of the English Premier League. If the games are held on weekends all the concerts, rallies, speeches are fading into the background. All the attention is focused on football. Thanks to the commitment of the British to the traditions and mix of old English spirit and modern technologies the English Premier League is the most popular club championship.
There are 20 clubs. Every year from August to May we have the opportunity to enjoy a truly English football. English Premier League is a very young league – it appeared only in 1992.
This happened after the First Division clubs have decided to withdraw from the Football League (founded in 1888). And now the English Premier League has become the most popular tournament of the world.

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