Promo Codes Terms and Conditions

This legal provision governing the terms and conditions of promo codes’ application (hereinafter “the Provision”), intended for the Internet user (hereinafter “the User”), shall be hereby deemed an additional working regulation to The General Terms and Conditions and govern relations with (hereinafter “the Website”), property of “Unified Booking System”, LLC (hereinafter “the Company”).


A promo code is a particular sequence of symbols which provides a discount under the condition that it is activated and other terms of the Promo Code’s use are observed by the User. The time period of the Promo Codes’ validity, as well as the services which if ordered enable the use of the Promo Code, in addition to other conditions of its use, are contained in the materials accommodating the Promo Code.

A discount is the amount by which the cost of a Company service is reduced. A discount is provided to the User in the amount indicated in the materials accompanying the Promo Code.

Promo Code Dissemination Methods

1.1. Dissemination of Promo Codes is performed by the Company in the following methods:

– amongst event visitors with the participation of the Company or authorized persons.

– by way of sending them to User contact e-mail addresses,

– on the Website,

– in other ways.

1.2. The Company reserves the right to amend the list of methods in which it disseminates Promo Codes.

Terms and Conditions of Promo Code Dissemination and Use

2.1. Promo codes can be used by individuals and legal entities which are the Company’s customers or Website Users, both residents and non-residents of Russia (hereinafter “Promo Code Holders”).

2.2. Promo codes are not based on individuals’ names but can only be applied by the Promo Code Holder Users who meet the criteria defined in the materials accompanying the Promo Code.

2.3. A Promo Code is not subject to sale or exchange, including for money resources, and can only be used by the Promo Code User once, unless otherwise specified in the materials accompanying the Promo Code.

2.4. Promo Codes only provide the ability to receive Company services at a discount that are listed in the Promo Code’s accommodating materials.

2.5. In order to use the Promo Code, a unique code must be entered into a special field in the “Checkout” section on the Website when creating an order for a service and ensure that the Promo Code has been applied in the calculation of the Company services’ cost. In the event that the User fails to enter the Promo Code or the Promo Code is not applied in the system’s calculation while an order is being placed, including as a result of technical failures, the services shall be subject to payment in full (without inclusion of the Discount).

2.6. The Company reserves the right at any time to change the terms and conditions of a Promo Code’s application, including its validity period and/or discount amount.

Promo Code Revocation

3.1. In the event that the Company discovers violations of this Provision or other abuses on the User’s part, the Company shall have the right to annul the Promo Code and/or services that were ordered using it.

3.2. The Use of a Promo Code (its entry into a special field in accordance with this Provision) presumes the Promo Code Holder’s full consent to this Provision and the corresponding accompanying materials.

3.3. The Use of a Promo Code entails the User’s consent to receive additional information in the form of advertising from the Company via communication channels.

For all questions pertaining to the dissemination and use of Promo Codes, the User may consult the Company’s customer care service: