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October 25, 2020 !

Prices are determined by sellers and may be lower or higher than the nominal price, depending on the event’s popularity and seat availability. Prices include the ticket reservation service fee in addition the fee for Company’s intermediary services.

Frequently asked questions

“How do I find out the ticket prices?”  If “On Request” is displayed as the price, submit an order on our website. We will definitely get in contact with you and inform you of the cost, at which point you will be able to make a decision on whether or not to make the purchase. If the price is indicated by ticket type, you can find out the final cost for a particular section from a manager while placing an order or await a call back after you’ve placed your order.

 “Are my ticket seats located next to each other?”  Two-seat purchases always feature both seats located right next to each other. In the event you are purchasing more than two tickets, be sure to ask your manager what the seating conditions are before making the purchase.

 “How do I select where to sit?”  Often times tickets are sold on a “Best Available” basis. You cannot choose seats on your own. When you place your order, rest assured that your tickets are the best available in the seating category you’ve selected.

All answers to frequently asked questions

  • Assistance with finding tickets for larger groups.
  • Special prices available to large groups for events going on worldwide.
  • Our team of professional managers is always prepared to assist you with your hotel and plane ticket bookings, finding tours for you, and handling your documents.
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Ordering, receiving your order, and payment:

To order tickets to any event, go to the page of the event you would like to attend and fill out the order form, or dial our Moscow phone number: +7 495 649 1331. You can also direct your request to the e-mail address

You can pay for your order: in cash with the courier (in Moscow), in cash at the company office, via money transfer, via bank card, or via e-money payment.

Receiving your order: options include e-tickets, courier delivery (in Moscow), express delivery, and paying the company office.

If the options we have available for you do not work for your, then place your order with one of the Company representatives and we’ll find a convenient method for you:


Viber: +7 (999) 921-0125, +7 (999) 921-0126

WhatsApp: +7 (999) 921-0125, +7 (999) 921-0126

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