Tickets Manchester United — PSG

February 12, 2019 20:00*

UEFA Champions League 2018/2019. Manchester United — PSG

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VIP executive areas central (Salford&Manchester Suites)
800 €
VIP (Executive areas)
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Family sectors
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Away sectors
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Matchday VIP experience
A Matchday VIP experience offers you the match you want, the way you want it. It’s the ultimate way to get closer to the players, the football action on the pitch, the history of Old Trafford and the prestige of one of the greatest football club in the world. From the vibrancy of the Red Café, history of greatness in the Museum or the opportunity to meet the man of the match in the contemporary setting of the Europa Suite, with Matchday VIP there is a wide range of exclusive experiences to choose from. To discover the life and soul of Manchester United on a Matchday, discover Matchday VIP.
on request
Executive Boxes
For both business and football, the option of privacy has its advantages when you’re looking to entertain those key business contacts. Old Trafford private executive boxes offer a unique and prestigious setting in which to conduct important business discreetly, whilst enjoying all the action of a top-flight fixture. Executive boxes at the Theatre of Dreams are a hugely valued business tool for many of our clients, so discover what our corporate hospitality packages could do for you.
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